Wireless Networking

Accommodating High-Traffic

Data Transmission

We deliver digital communication that covers ground.

A wide bandwidth is essential in carrying multiple signals over long distances. At Valley Industrial Communications, we provide the installation and service of strong, capable broadband links for emergency dispatch and response teams. Our systems handle a wide band of frequencies in order to accommodate the high-traffic and large-capacity transmissions prevalent in the public service industry.

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Traditionally, a point-to-point (PTP) data link is a transmission with only two endpoints, or nodes, much like a traditional telephone call. Valley Industrial will provide a fixed wireless connection for internet or voice-over protocol via radio frequencies that are capable of being sent from a transmitter to a receiver. Systems can include time division multiple access and channelized, switched, and full-duplex connections.


Point-to-multipoint (PMP) links are designed for wireless communications that have a large number of nodes, end destinations, or end users. These systems require a central base station to which remote subscriber units are connected over the wireless medium. Base stations can be equipped to increase both range and capacity. The installation of PMP systems can help your business reduce costs and expand connectivity.